Board MemberS Sports & Positions | Mandates​

 Leon Hunt


Multi-Sports|Private Sector


Hugo Hodge, Jr.


Territorial Chair of the Virgin Islands Horse Racing Commission


Lucille Hobson

General Secretary

President-Virgin Islands Volleyball Federation


Calvert White


Commissioner of Sports, Parks, and Recreation (Ex-officio)


Angel “Chico” L. Morales

President of the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee


Kennard Callendar

VIDE Designee (Director of the Division of Sports & Athletics)


Joseph Boschulte

Commissioner of Tourism



Wayne Biggs Jr.

Acting CEO of the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority


Nels Hawkinson

Executive Director of Basketball Travelers    Private Sector


Hillaren Frederick

 Virgin islands Soccer Association


Dennis Brow

 President of the Virgin Islands Baseball Federation


Tony Rosario

Territorial Chair of the Virgin Islands Boxing and Wrestling Commission


Arthur Hector Sr.

Territorial Chair of the Virgin Islands Automobile Racing Commission

Act 7659​  | Bill 30-0418

To create a Virgin Islands society in which the residents participate in sports, recreation and leisure activities for all while building relationships with individuals inside and outside of their communities and enhancing individual personal wellbeing.​

The Mission of the National Sports Policy Statement is to provide guidance for the development of the Virgin Islands into a leading sports country in the region and the rest of the world.​



The commission's Goals

( 1) Improve programming to ensure that sports are accessible, equitable, and inclusive
to meet the needs and interests of all participants, including individuals with special needs.


(2) Increase participation in competitive, recreational, and leisure sports and activities.


(3) Increase students' participation and graduation rates.


( 4) Increase appreciation for the cultural values of the Virgin Islands, the values of fair play, ethical practices, including a commitment to dope-free sports and leadership among all participants.


(5) Increase enhanced health, wellness, and prosperity for all.


( 6) Implement a program for the collection, management, and retention of sports records in the Territory.


(7) Support the development of a program for the advancement of national and international athletes;


(8) Support the development of a program for coaching and officiating education.